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The job search process can take longer and be more involved than expected. You will likely need to apply for multiple positions before accepting an offer so start early!


Ask for help – at any stage, whether you are just starting or have applied for many jobs, Career Development is here to help you with your search! Call (507-933-7575), use Handshake, or stop in to schedule an appointment with a Career Development Specialist.

  • Larger organizations can fill their opportunities a year in advance, be sure to start the search early.
  • Application deadlines are not always hard deadlines. Some organizations will fill positions before the application deadline has arrived. Apply as soon as you are able for opportunities you are interested in.
  • It is very common to not hear back from an employer about your application. They will be in contact if they are interested in moving forward with you as a candidate.
  • Be prepared – know what type of positions you are looking for, have an updated résumé, connect with your referencespractice interviewing, research companies, schedule time for your search – treat it like an additional course.
  • Be realistic – this is a very subjective process that sometimes doesn’t make sense. Work with a Career Development Specialist to help you understand how to navigate it.
  • Don’t take the process to personally; most often, decisions organizations make are not personal.
  • Stay organized – utilize a search spreadsheet or notebook to keep track of where you have applied, companies of interest, and connections you have made. Here is an example, it will prompt you to make a copy to have it be your very own search spreadsheet that you can edit and will only be viewable to you. 
  • Utilize our Career Resources and Online Tools below for places to start. 


Here’s a brief overview of when to start looking based on a May graduation date. Click on each timeline to learn about organizations that hire during that timeframe.

Start looking 8-12 months in advance for these types of organizations:

  • Organizations Conducting On Campus Recruiting
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Consulting Firms
  • Large Media & Tech Companies
  • Federal Government
  • Service Organizations including: Peace Corps, Faith Based Organizations (1st deadline), Teach for America (1st deadline)

Start looking 4-8 months in advance for these types of organizations:

  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Research Institutes
  • Educational Institutions
  • Arts Organizations
  • Environmental Organizations
  • State and Local Government
  • Small Startup Organizations
  • Communications and Media Organizations
  • Service Organizations including: Americorps Vista, Organizations with 2nd or 3rd deadlines

These positions can be posted and filled at any time, try to set up alerts in job search sites if your interests align with these types of organizations.

  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Arts Organizations
  • Small Startup Organizations
  • Small-Medium Sized Businesses
  • Communications and Media Organizations
  • Local Government
  • Staffing Agencies


Career Resources

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