Jenna Hogstad ’25

Gustavus Adolphus College: Where Success Stories Begin

Sales Development Program Intern, Ecolab

Major: Biology & Management

Tell us more about your accomplishment.

I am excited to announce that I will join Ecolab’s Sales Development Program this summer in Chicago, IL. As a Sales Intern, my responsibilities will include exploring various sales districts in Chicago, refining my professional and sales skills, doing ride alongs with field associates, and completing a project assigned during the internship. This internship will provide a direct pathway to a potential job offer post-graduation.

How have the Faculty and Staff helped you become career-ready?

I have received help from numerous individuals. However, what stands out to me is that the career center, management department, and biology department all share a common trait – they genuinely care about the well-being of students on an individual level. I am at ease approaching my professors with questions about my courses or career guidance, regardless of whether they are simple or complex. I have never encountered a professor who wouldn’t go the extra mile to offer assistance. The career center is incredibly well-connected and willing to guide you on various topics, including cover letters, interviews, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles.

Which college courses prepared you for your career and why?

I am going into sales, but my accounting and marketing classes have prepared me well for various business opportunities. These classes have taught me different theoretical models within the business realm and helped me see sales and management more comprehensively. Additionally, I have thoroughly enjoyed my biology classes as they have challenged me academically in ways I never thought possible. As a result, I feel that I can evaluate research, assignments, and even businesses more critically and effectively.

Tell us about where your journey with your accomplishment began.

My journey toward getting an internship started when I worked at Chomonix Golf Course during the summer. While working there, I met many kind and successful people. One of the golfers I met introduced me to an Ecolab internship recruiter. After the introduction, I was invited to apply for a role. Cynthia Favre from our career center gave me quick feedback on my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn, giving me strong application materials. Before getting my internship in the fall, I met with her in the spring, where she highlighted the steps I needed to take to make myself a strong applicant for the fall, which helped me narrow Ecolab down as one of my top companies. I also connected with Ecolab at the Minnesota Private Colleges Career Fair, where the people in the career center supported me as I talked to each company. From there, I got interviews with Ecolab and landed the position.

Which student organization has influenced you most?

Gustie Buddies has been an excellent resource for connecting with my peers and the wider Saint Peter community. Through this club, we plan events for children to help them build confidence, social skills, and interpersonal relationships. Being a part of this club has been incredibly rewarding and has helped me develop critical soft skills such as organization, leadership, patience, creativity, and communication.

What advice would you give to other students?

I would share with anyone starting college not to fear making mistakes, asking for help, and being open to learning. When I started at Gustavus, I was very nervous and unsure of what I wanted to do in the future. I faced academic and personal struggles, but my community was always there to support and help me overcome these difficulties. The most valuable thing I gained from my college experience at Gustavus was a strong community dedicated to helping and uplifting each other.

Why do you think a prospective student should consider Gustavus? 

I genuinely believe Gustavus has exceptional professors who are top in their fields. Moreover, the entire community is dedicated to assisting students in every possible way. There are numerous resources and people willing to support you during this important period of your life. If you want a challenging yet rewarding academic experience, I highly recommend choosing Gustavus. It will not only motivate you to work harder but also enable you to achieve success.

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By Hector Aguilar
Hector Aguilar Assistant Director for Outcomes and Strategic Initiatives